What is a sacred site?

What is a sacred site ?

While all life is sacred there are specific places on the planet which hold a special vibration of higher dimensional energy which serve to regulate and balance the energy of the earth. When people visit these places they intuitively feel something mysterious or otherworldly which lifts their spirits in a positive way. As portals of higher consciousness sacred sites can shift our own consciousness and this is the reason why people often feel energized and uplifted when visiting them. In ancient times people had a deep understanding of sacred sites which they understood to have powerful influences on the earth and their own consciousness. People in ancient times therefore placed great importance in honoring sacred sites through prayer and ritual, marking times such as the equinox and other alignments of astronomical significance.

Today we have lost much of this ancient wisdom but it is coming to terms with the enormity of the crisis before us, people are now shifting back to a more spiritually centered way of living and consciousness. Awareness about the world as energy is also returning to our understanding, in particular with regards to how our individual intention affects reality. The earth is a living body of energy and as stewards of the earth, we must act responsibly to ensure the well-being of the planet. Simple gestures made with a caring heart are all which are required to make extraordinary changes to our planet. The time we must act collectively however is now.

Japan is a country with many sacred sites but they are in critical need of protection and rebalancing. Growing numbers of tourists to these sites is also impacting the already fragile state of the environment not only in Japan but at sacred sites the world over. It is vital that we are deeply mindful of our actions when visiting places of sacred energy; it is important to tread lightly on the land and express our gratitude through prayer or simple acts such as clearing the area of garbage when visiting. In return these places of extraordinary beauty will share with us their ancient memory and wisdom, awakening at last from a slumber of ten thousand years at the promised age of a new dawn on the earth.

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