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Kara is one of the few people in Japan specializing in personalized tours to sacred sites around Japan. She has appeared in several Japanese magazines and has been interviewed on radio and internet TV about her research into Japan's ancient sacred sites including mysterious ruins which exist across the country but have yet to be identified as to their origin.

Her tours are enjoyed by people from around the world and even Japanese participants have been surprised to discover ancient sacred sanctuaries they didn't know existed in Japan.
Join Kara for a special tour that gives you a unique opportunity to visit Japan's sacred sanctuaries and let your life be transformed by the power of these magical gateways!

All tours are custom planned to ensure your utmost comfort , and Kara is more than happy to accommodate to any particular requests you may have. Most tours run from ¥15,000 per person for a full day tour which includes lunch and all transport. Half-day tours can also be arranged to visit places you won't find listed in any of the guidebooks!

Families are welcome and Kara has years of experience working with children so they are sure to have a lot of fun.

If you would like to find out more or would like to book a tour with Kara please contact her at:

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