Kara Yamaguchi
Artist   Researcher  Photographer  Tour Guide
Kara is an Australian with Japanese/American roots and has nearly 20 years of experience living and working in Japan as a teacher, artist, tour guide, writer, researcher and translator. She is currently the only person in the world researching Japan's lost super-civilization and bringing this crucial information about what is possibly the world's oldest civilization to the rest of the world in English!

Imagine a world without art and creativity!
I've always thought it was ingenious how you can arrange the letters of "earth"  into both "heart" and "art". Art and creativity is for everyone....not just artists! I have seen so many faces transformed into ones of pure joy by simply sitting down with some beads and fabric and creating something amazing and fun. Art inspires where words cannot always reach. It is this place I hope to connect with through my love of color, beads, fabric and photography and share what all artists know....there is nothing that lifts the spirit more when we seek to have fun and simply create from the heart.

                         Manyoshu costumes, Gallery Koto, Kyoto 2011

1995 3rd Seto Fashion Contest First Round
1995 Design accepted in Edo and Fashion Contest
1996 Work selected for Photo Category, Art Box Grand Prix
1996 Artist in Profile, Azabu Craft Museum
1998  Member of Studio NOPE, exhibitions and costume/bead workshops for children 
1999 Group Exhibition Seven Color Heaven  Gallery Fresca
2000  Solo Exhibition  Dreamtime , Gallery Wa
2001 Work selected for Photo Category, Art Box Grand Prix
2003-04  Workshops for children at RBR Art School
2003「Star of Lemuria」 selected in Japan Bead Grand Prix Contest
2004「Spirit of Mu」 selected in Beads Art Japan Competition 
2004-05 Photographs used for 「Shi no Kusuribako」,Yomiuri Weekly magazine
2005 Spirit of the Kami exhibition sponsored by the Japan Foundation, Australia
         Interviewed on ABC radio
2007  Manuscript selected publication under the 2007 Bungeisha Book Visual
2008  "Spirit of Mu" published by Bungeisha Publishing  Photography and spiritual
           essay based on Japan's lost civilization
2009   The Rainbow Goddess Exhibition  Les Trois Maisons gallery, Kyoto
2010    Lost Civilization of Japan Exhibition   NHK TV gallery Kyoto, Les Trois
            Maisons gallery Kyoto, Cafe Dolce Gallery Tokyo
2011    Ancient Love Poems from Japan, Manyoshu Exhibition
            Honenin Temple, Kyoto, Gallery Koto, Kyoto
2012   Ancient Love Poems of Japan, Manyoshu Exhibition
           Kyoto International Community House,  supported by the Japan Foundation
2013   Feature article on Kara's research into sacred sites in Japan featured in ANEMONE magazine

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