Nishijin Fabric Tour

Nishijin Textile Tour *

This is one of my all time favorite tours and I love sharing the Nishijin district with people from around the world as it is the backbone to what makes Kyoto the great cultural center that it is.

Enjoy exploring the heart of Nishijin and connect to the history of Japan's finest weaving which has survived since the 5th century!
We will visit the Nishijin Textile centre, enjoy a kimono show, and if you have time then enjoy a workshop making your own corsage out of stunning Nishjin textiles. There will also be time to enjoy lunch at a local machiya cafe.


Tour details:
* 3.5 hr tour   
One person ¥6,500 (Two or more ¥3,500 per peson) * Includes a lovely lunch at a machiya cafe in the Nishijin area . For an extra  ¥2,000 per person, a workshop to make your own original Nishijin fabric accessories can be arranged. Loads of creative FUN! 


Enjoy shopping for Nishijin-ori fabric!!

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