Saturday, September 7, 2013


Welcome to Sacred Gateways of Japan where you can discover a magical and ancient world still existing in Japan that most people rarely have the chance to explore!
Kara Yamaguchi is one of the few people in the world who has documented and researched into the sacred sites of Japan, and her work through exhibitions, tours and media coverage has brought awareness to the many of the last sanctuaries of Japan to people around the world. Kara has 20 years of experience working and living in Japan and with Japanese, American and Australian roots, is in a unique position to bridge the ancient world of Japan's sacred sites to the outside world. Be ready to enter into a world or exquisite beauty and indeed, you my be surprised to discover the hidden mysteries of ancient Japan still existing in our world today.

A message from Kara

Coming to Japan in the 90s for the first time was one of those pivotal moments which changed my life forever. I have journeyed to almost every remote region of Japan to photograph and document an amazing network of ancient sacred sites existing across Japan, and now take immense pleasure in guiding people from around the world to these remarkable places. 
I think the most touching remark a tour participant said to me was..."Kara, you live and breathe Japan!"...and it's so true, I can't imagine my life without Japan!  

Join me for one of my special tours which will take you on a journey into the sacred gateways of Japan, and watch your world be transformed!

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